Outreach Working Group


Establish an Outreach Working Group to review the needs of the local community and what is currently provided by other local congregations/organisations to meet those needs.  In light of the review, report to the Kirk Session and the Deacons’ Court:

  1. recommending the establishment of a local outreach project that would be of service to the community as a whole; that would address any unmet needs; and that might offer an opportunity to work closely with other local congregations;
  2. the feasibility of establishing such a project;
  3. recommendations for implementation of the project;
  4. the extent to which the project would be delivered in collaboration with other local congregations.

Talk about why this is an expression of what you believe? Why does this “fit” the time and place in which you work?

To broaden the scope of worship and fellowship and service to the community.  There are several churches in the area each with their own demography and social backgrounds. Some already offer projects to involve and support the community. As St Ninian’s is on a prime site on St John’s Road, a busy thoroughfare, it is felt that improved use of the premises, and/or of its committed, engaged and capable membership in order to supporting those in need can, and should, be achieved. 

How will you do this? How will you make a start?

Initially, the working group would need to study the needs of the local community and hold collaborative talks with members of the other congregations to share ideas about what ventures might be needed, and what might be done together, so that the St. Ninian’s Project could complement rather than duplicate what is currently done.  The group might wish to consult with other community leaders and organisations (for example: politicians, the Corstorphine Trust, schools etc).  What further work would need to be done prior to reporting to the Kirk Session would depend on what type of project identified.

Talk about the people, training, resources, space and help that will be required.

This will depend on the project but the accommodation at St Ninian’s is much and varied - 2 large halls, 1 smaller one and some classrooms. Again, training and resources will depend on the Project but advice will be sought from other congregations, and training, if necessary, can be pursued. Members and non-members have always given generously of their time and this, it is hoped, will continue.


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